Our History

In 1999, current owner, Jason Pavlik began working at the Rockaway Garden Center as a sales associate. He had already come from a retail background and enjoyed connecting and building relationships with customers so that both he and his clients could enjoy a comfortable, trusting atmosphere.  He was a true novice to plants and remembers what it can be like for a newcomer who is interested, but may not know how, or where, to start. He brought this with him and is determined to empower both his staff and his customer base so that they can go forth confidently with their new plant selections and have a successful and rewarding experience. 

Over the next 15 years he would aquire significant knowledge related to the industry.  Plants became a passion and a creative outlet for his artistic living designs in container gardens and beds.  With stacks of pots, a robust growing medium and a host of plants at his side, he delighted in filling the Rockaway Garden Center with a wide selection of unique and personalized gift and decor ideas.  Whether he was painting whimsical pumpkin faces or decorating a winter wreath with gold and silver, he also enjoyed providing his customers with interesting and unique artistic seasonal designs.

In 2014 Jason recieved the opportunity to purchase the Rockaway Garden Center.  His long term employment made it feel more like a home than a workplace. Jason has made every effort to keep with the traditions of the Rockaway Garden Center while providing his own vision for the future of the store.  He is proud of his friendly and knowledgeable staff.  He is grateful to a host of friends and customers who were excited at the prospect of his ownership of the Rockaway Garden Center - some which went to great lengths to help make it possible.  He is thankful to his father James Pavlik who has been instrumental in making this dream a reality.  James is often at the store helping is son strive for success.  Don't hesitate to say "Hi"!

Jason looks forward to the future and a vision of the Rockaway Garden Center as a destination place where people can gather to enjoy knowledgeable seminars, fun workshops, community events, relaxing gardens and then maybe take a little bit of that home - plant it - and watch it flourish. 

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